Fast Track Affiliate Bootcamp

Philip Borrowman · January 31, 2022

This 5-part module is all about building your mindset. You need to have realistic expectations to go about your day-to-day smoothly, and this module will help you see the bigger picture.

Most of you will be shocked by what I will teach you inside, as you may not be ready to hear what I have to say. You will all be relieved to know that building a sustainable and recurring income stream as an affiliate is far more straightforward than you think.

Course Instructor

Philip Borrowman
Philip Borrowman Author

Philip is a former baker and bar manager who turned his attention to “making money online” back in 2012. After years of buying shiny objects and scammy products, he finally cracked it and started to build an online income. Now he has pooled together his methods and strategies to teach others a genuine, down to earth and real way of building an online business. No hype, no “secret untapped resource”, just honest and down to earth training.


  1. Yep been there too, bought so much garbage it would make your head spin. Anyway over that, not going to complain about the past, I am in the now and I will always focus in the now. I’m going to focus on 1 business idea and stick with it. Giving this all I have, whatever it takes, and as long as it takes. I am committed to being an entrepreneur and focus in one direction. Cheers Philip, I’m now moving forward, focus, focus, focus.

  2. I agree. Bought too much junk that promised fast results. Looking forward to completing all modules in this new TAO as Philip completes the modules. Planning on having my business up by March.

  3. Hi Philip!
    I have already gone thru your updated steps twice and will complete the niche training today which I have gone over actually 3Xs so I understand it completely. I will be ready to begin the 3rd newly updated lessons on domain names etc later on today.
    Thank you for courtesy follow up emails!

  4. I can definitely relate to the “Failing Forward” lesson, after years of constantly
    Failing Failing Failing and now FINALLY starting to make a small amount of Residual Income. I fully realize that Failing is simply delayed Success, if you keep “Working Forward” as well…

  5. So true, I have been very guilty of shiny object syndrome, only to buy various biz opp products to then realise the last thing these will do is make you any real money, or resemble a business.

  6. I too have an arsenal so full all it’s done is left me confused and my head spinning. I’ve invested so much time and money that quitting is not an option. I have a very good feeling I’m finally in the right place.