The Simple Traffic Blueprint

Philip Borrowman · March 29, 2021

The Simple Traffic Blueprint

This is a simple YouTube strategy that is proven to work and it is beginner-friendly and very quick to implement.

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Philip Borrowman
Philip Borrowman Author

Philip is a former baker and bar manager who turned his attention to “making money online” back in 2012. After years of buying shiny objects and scammy products, he finally cracked it and started to build an online income. Now he has pooled together his methods and strategies to teach others a genuine, down to earth and real way of building an online business. No hype, no “secret untapped resource”, just honest and down to earth training.


  1. Hey Philip;
    I have gotten to 2.4, Setting up you tube. I followed the directions, but when i got to clicking on the name of the channel i created, it showed the name of a channel i created a few weeks ago, but never created any videos for it. i tried one more time with the same results.

    Would you please tell me how to delete that channel that I had created, so I can try again with a clean slate, or point me toward information about how to do that

    John Meyer

    1. I attended your Drop-in Webinar this afternoon, but did not see the link for the 20 minutes, or for the other things you said would be under the video.

      I did purchase the You Tube Kick-start program, and I am going to start watching the modules.


  2. Hey Philip;
    I Have gone throught your course “The simple Traffic Blueprint,” and I am going through it the 2nd time, setting up everything as I go, but I am concerned that when I finish, i will have a lot of difficulties with the creative aspects of creating the videos,

    Can you suggest a course, that will help me with the creative aspects of creating the videos for my you tube channel, that will entice people to want more information.

    I will not have trouble with the technical aspects, just uneasy with the creative aspects.

    John Meyer

    1. One of my students is about to do his first coaching group is about “feeding the algorithm” on YT. He can show you how to consistently come up with fresh ideas, angles, keywords and delve deep into your niche ideas. If you want to see then send me an email, I can send over the details.

          1. Hey Philip;

            The only email I can find from you is the one asking for the URL of my YT channel.

            I sent a reply, but in case you did not receive it, here it is again.

            I followed your training advice, and chose a niche of “software training.” I am still in the process of setting up my landing page, and having some trouble doing that, but here is my YT URL for my channel “Simple Software Academy”

            I also sent you an email asking how to resolve the issue of the page builder being completely different than the one in your lesson.

            I am very confused about that. Is that something i need to be doing while I have my website open, My website is;

            I would appreciate advice on both issues.

            John Meyer

          2. What seems to be the problem with the page builder? If you are not using Thrive then I cannot help. Send me a video if you can as I cannot see you screen. 🙂

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Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner


    • Introduction
      • 1.1 – Intro
      • 1.2 – Overview Of Strategy
      • 1.3 – FAQ
      • 1.4 – My Results + Bonus Case Studies
      • 1.5 – Essential Tools You Need
      • 1.6 – Important Summary
      • Extra – 2023 Case Study
    • Getting Started
      • 2.1 – Intro – Detailed Step By Step Overview
      • 2.2 – Choosing A Niche Part 1
      • 2.2 – Choosing A Niche Part 2
      • 2.2 – Choosing A Niche Part 3 – Let’s Pick A Niche
      • 2.3 – Choosing A Domain Name
      • 2.4 – Building Website & Basics
      • 2.5 – Setting Up YouTube
      • 2.6 – Email Setup & Authentication (formerly 2.7)
      • 2.7 – Building Website & Finishing Touches
      • 2.8 – Conclusion – Milestone (formerly 2.9)
    • Implementation
      • 3.1 – Content Creation – The Purpose Behind Content
      • 3.2 – Keyword Research – Theory
      • 3.3 – Keyword Research – Practical
      • 3.4 – Content Research
      • 3.5 – Creating Video – Planning
      • 3.6 – SEO 5-Point Checklist + Tools
      • 3.7 – Creating Video – Recording
      • 3.8 – Uploading Video (formerly 3.9)
      • 3.9 – Creating The Squeeze Page
      • 4.0 – Products To Promote
      • 4.1 – Email Marketing Bootcamp
    • Conclusion
      • 4.2 – Tidying Up Loose Ends
      • 4.3 – Rinse & Repeat
      • 4.4 – Do You Have What it Takes?
      • 4.5 – Final Overview – MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO!
      • 4.6 – I Finished The Training. Now What???
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