Don’t Want To Pay For Monthly Subscriptions

Hi guys, it’s Philip Borrowman here, and in today’s episode, I want to talk to you about people who don’t want to pay for monthly subscriptions.

Now a quick disclaimer, guys. I am fully aware, and I appreciate, and I completely, wholeheartedly sympathize with the fact that most of you have money worries.

And my heart goes out to people who live in certain Asian countries or certain African countries where 10 bucks is almost a week’s wage.

So I fully appreciate and understand that for some of you paying for things, it just is out of reach and it’s very, very difficult.

However, there are other people who are simply reluctant to pay because they don’t want to.

They are sometimes quite stingy and they are sort of missing the point and misunderstanding how valuable it is to reinvest in yourself.

And this episode here is not aim that people who are financially stricken.

So if you are crippled by debt or if you live in African nations or Asian countries where 15, 20, 30 bucks is literally a week’s wage, then I’m not talking about you here, okay?

For you guys, I suggest just basically do what you can, use free alternatives and so on, and just do the best you can with the tools you can get.

Because obviously with free tools, you are heavily limited in the functionality and what you can and cannot do.

However, I want to address the other ones.

People who can technically afford stuff, people who do have expendable income, people who do have regular jobs, but are very reluctant to pay for monthly subscriptions.

I’m talking to you guys here.

So please understand, that investing in yourself and your growth is essential.

Cheaping out or skimping out or going, “Oh no, I don’t want to pay for stuff”, is simply showing your broken mindset.

And again, I do fully appreciate that some of you guys have been burned before and I fully appreciate paying for hosting and then paying for some kind of page builder and then paying for TAO and my training and then paying for any additional coaching and so on.

I know it stings. It burns. Paying for stuff sucks.

That never goes away. It always sucks.

But understand that in order for you to have the direction and the tools, and the services you need to build your business, you have to invest in yourself.

There are obviously variations, okay? There are more expensive tools and cheaper tools and so on.

And you use whatever you feel comfortable with, you use whatever hosting provider you want, you use whatever page builder you want, that’s totally fine, but mostly you have to pay for something at some point.

And yes, your monthly bill will run into sort of a hundred-plus dollars because that is just the cost of doing business.

But please appreciate guys that we’re so lucky, we live in a world where for a hundred bucks a month or for 150 bucks a month, you can have a fully-fledged business online. I mean that is incredible.

When you consider, if you want to open up, I don’t know if you want to open up a café, you’re looking at sort of 20, 30, $40,000 before you even open the door.

That’s why I paid when I was 26, and I opened my first café.

I paid about 20, $25,000 before I even open the door and serve my first slice of cake or cup of coffee, right?


Online, you can start with a hundred bucks. You have a business. 🚀🚀🚀

If you want to become, for example, some kind of carpenter or have employees or if you want to start a furniture shop or if you want to do anything like a typical brick and mortar business, you’re looking at hundreds of thousands dollars of investing and you’ve got the cheek to complain about spending 30 bucks a month, 40 bucks a month.

And at the same time, you want to earn the right to earn money online, but you do not want to pay for anything.

You have to readjust the mindset and understand that yes, you have to buy hosting, and yes, you have to have a page builder.

Yes, you have to have an autoresponder. You can use whichever ones you want, that’s totally fine, but you have to invest in yourself.

Otherwise, you will be hampered because whenever you look at any kind of free alternative, they’re always heavily limited in every single way.

And also they’re usually branded and they’re usually basically limited in functionality, which ironically slows you down.

A classic one is certain page builders or certain auto responders that limit your functionalities.

So that means that you can’t create certain pages or you can only create a limited amount of pages and so on and so forth.

And that will obviously heavily limit you and your growth rate.

And so I would urge you, if you are a person who resents paying for anything, and that includes Taking Action Online, then you need to readjust your mindset.

Take TAO, for example, right?

Right now, at the time we’re recording this, it’s only 47 bucks a month.

Yet you get two one-to-one calls with me when you join.

You get one inside Step 1 where you’re choosing a niche, and you get another one in Step 7 when you complete the seven steps action plan.

You get two actual real strategy calls, one-to-one calls with me and it’s only 47 bucks for those two calls because that’s the first month you’re paying for.

That is insane value.

Yet people scoff and turn the noses up at it just because all they see is 47 bucks and they’re so blinded by the sort of resentment, they’re blinded by the greed or the whatever it is, I don’t know what it is.

They’re blinded by the jaded nature of the mindset that they resent paying for it.

Instead of seeing it as a huge gift, instead of seeing it as a roadmap to success inside the Marketing Academy, I’ve built and I’m building right now.

A 180-day implementation plan.

Literally, six months worth where I’m showing you click for click for click how to build your business.

And yet people don’t want to pay for it.

When you think about it, it’s absolutely insane.

But that is, unfortunately, the mindset of the broken entrepreneur.

They expect everything for free.

And you think about it guys, I mean, how do you expect a business owner, whether it’s me here in TAO or someone who owns a software company or hosting company or anything, how do you expect them to survive?

How do you expect them to pay their bills when you won’t pay them?

Especially when people provide really good services but you resent paying for it.

It’s quite unreal when you think about it.

Because unfortunately, people tend to look at business owners as these sort of conniving, sneaky, slimy sales folk who are just trying to make money from you and all that stuff.

And, yeah, those people do exist, of course they do.

But the rest of us are just down-to-earth, genuine people who are trying to make a living.

And don’t forget, if you’re paying a software company, let’s say 50 bucks a month, right? Don’t forget, about 30% of that goes to affiliates.

So straight away, 15, 20 bucks has already gone from their profit margin from that.

That’s paying their affiliates.

And then take off the typical 20 to 40% costs of running the business.

And that’s another 20, 30% gone.

So suddenly, 60% of that 50 bucks is already gone in costs and whatnot.

So take what’s left of that 40%, that’s the profit, but 25% of that’s tax!

So understand that when you’re paying a service or paying TAO or paying anything and you’re paying 30, 40, 50 bucks a month, the person who has that company only gets about 5 or 10 bucks of that in their pocket.

So it is very important to understand that services that are good cost money.

Services that have good support cost money.

Most importantly, services that reinvest in their own company for the future, to continue to provide innovation, to continue to provide support, to continue to provide a quality service, charge a monthly fee because they reinvest every penny back in their business.

Companies that charge a one-time fee, depending on the pricing model, a lot of them don’t do that.

They’re there for a cash grab, and they’re going to bugger off as soon as they get a chance, okay?

So understand that you, as a beginner, you are paying for longevity because when you’re paying for TAO, or you’re paying for a software service, or you’re paying for GetResponse, whatever, hosting, you are investing your time and energy into their infrastructure.

So let’s take GetResponse, as an example.

If you are building out automations and workflows and automatic systems to run your business to make money, you are investing not money; you’re investing time and energy into setting up your business, using their infrastructure.

So wouldn’t you agree that it would be very good of you to invest some money into that so that that company can reinvest into continuing their service, so that you can continue to use that service, so in the future, you can continue to get the benefits of that service?

Because maintaining software is a hideously expensive process, very expensive.

Trust me; I’ve looked into this. It’s very expensive to maintain software, and also they need to innovate.

They need to add new regulations. They need to add new methods, new strategies to implement in conjunction with other aspects of that software, new integrations and more.

And so the next time you’re kind of begrudgingly paying a software company like $6.99 a month, just think that person who owns that company only maybe only gets a dollar from you at the end of it.

All the rest of it goes back into the business in some form or another.

So please, guys, next time you get a little bit chirpy or annoyed at investing a monthly fee in something, anything, then consider what you’re getting out of that company.

Consider actually what you’re using it for. And if it’s an essential tool, like an autoresponder or hosting or a page builder or coaching like you gate inside TAO then swallow it and move on.

And guess what? Use it to grow your business, because that’s there for. And so that’s all I really want to say about people who don’t want to pay for monthly subscriptions.

Okay, so as always, guys, thank you for listening.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for being part of TAO. And any questions, fire away, and I’ll see you all inside the community. Cheers.

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  1. Philip, I totally agree. You are absolutely right. I always remember one saying when I have to make a decision to invest in my business or to do any kind of investment. Maybe it helps if I mention it?

    Yes, sometimes it’s tough, but cheap you buy most of the time twice.