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Philip Borrowman · January 31, 2022

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  1. Thank you for being direct with the training. It is to the point and… online it is very difficult to believe anyone as there are so many scams, BS programs that try to take every ounce of your money, even Worse your/my belief that I can earn a living online. There is more BS than truth online. I am very fortunate to have run into your program, Honest and to the point, that’s what you have created. Thank you for all the help…Keep it going for the millions of people that want to earn a living online. Thank you very much. Even as an old guy I still have to work to pay bills, as pensions do not cover the costs of living. Online is my only option now. Thanks

  2. WOW!! What an EYE OPENER! Great video Philip! ….Now I moving straight ahead following what I just learned! This time, the journey is going to lead me to my success goals … I am committed to follow each and every step and design a work day schedule moving forward with awesome training roadmap!

  3. The cold, hard facts of what it takes to build a solid business online may come as a bit of a shock but a feeling of relief is there too. I just think of all the money I’m going to save by not buying shiny objects

  4. Working my way back into it – so glad I started this, even though I ground to a halt. I AM picking it up again and will now tackle the new 7 Step Plan with renewed enthusiasm – being almost 77 is not going to stop me !!!!

  5. Just completed the Fast Track Affiliate Bootcamp. I like the no crap honesty as this is not a get rich quick scheme like most other courses and sites offer. the mindset part is very important and building those micro habits into a daily routine.

  6. Some hard-hitting truths about my past habits wasting time and money on my past efforts to build a successful online entrepreneur. Looking forward to breaking old bad habits and really taking action online with Philip’s guidance

  7. Honest medicine for those of us who want to be successful. As my economics professor used to say, “There is no free lunch”.

  8. So much of what you have shared in these 5 sessions were very relatable to my experience with marketing. Definitely was a thorough dusting of my shelves. Now to start with a clean skate. Let’s go!