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Action Takers – Time for Action

Philip Borrowman · March 16, 2021

It’s time for you to complete another task. You know what to do!

TASK: Create another blog post for your website.

You should stop here and write another blog post for your business as I show you inside Step 6 so you have more to work with later. Publish it when it’s ready!

You will grow CONSIDERABLY faster if you follow what I tell you here.

If You Do This!

  • When it comes to installing a premium theme, which is coming up later in the Action Plan, you have content to structure your theme around. Resulting in a smoother setup and boosting your confidence ten fold.
  • Your blog will get indexed in Google and rankings will start appearing while you are working through the Action Plan. You may even get some traffic!
  • You develop your niche knowledge and new doors of ideas and inspiration come flooding in.
  • By the time you come to Step 20 you will be miles ahead of the person who ignores my advice.

If You Don’t Do This!

  • When it comes to installing a premium theme you will be lost as you have nothing to develop the theme around. You will waste hours more “fiddling around” and you won’t really understand what’s happening.
  • You have NO content to be ranked in Google so you will have no traffic or growth potential.
  • You will remain as helpless and knowledge-less as you are now and your confidence will not grow in yourself or your new business.
  • You won’t even make it to Step 20 as you have no enthusiasm for your new business and you’ll go and buy another shiny object.

It’s time to move to the next step in the Action Plan!

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