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All-In-One Page Builder

Philip Borrowman · March 15, 2021

Let me introduce you to your new page builder. This is going to be your best friend moving forward as you grow your business.

Note. As of February 2021, Thrive Architect is offered as part of the Thrive Suite membership where you get ALL the plugins under one membership. They no longer sell individual plugins.


Thrive Architect, which comes with Thrive Suite, is by far the best page builder for you to use.

I use it for all my products and all my students use it.

It is SO easy to use and flexible and it’s packed with features.

Key  Features:

  • Affordable Monthly Fee
  • Intuitive & Easy To Use
  • 100s Of Templates
  • Constantly Updated


Click Here To Buy Thrive Suite!

Note. Thrive Architect is included in Thrive Suite.


  1. So this no longer works just to get the plugin you have to buy the whole membership?
    Do you think it’s ok to buy the plugin from someone on Fiverr since the plugin is all I need

    1. Hey, @Barb DeRemer – yes, you can only buy the full suite, but the cost is nothing when consider it on a daily basis. Its an essential tool in your business.

      No, don’t buy from Fiverr. it goes against the T&C and they are pirated copies.

  2. Thrive Suite is a no-brainer. It’s excellent, powerful, and easy to learn. It’s the best site creation software I’ve ever used. I’ve built several sites over the years, including hardcoding HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, etc. and TS is amazing. It makes creating sites super easy and professional. It will eventually take over the web creation world, in my opinion. It’s a steal for all that they give you.

  3. Hello,
    Please update your video.
    Thrive Architect isn’t now have the option to buy separately from the Thrive suite.
    So it isn’t 67$ one time fee , it will be yearly 228$.
    Can you suggest other suitable option?
    Maybe , DIVI – elegantthemes that cost 249$ life time.

    1. Hello, the text underneath the video says they have changed the pricing structure. The Thrive Suite is still by far the best value, when compared to any other set of plugins. Paying $19 per month is nothing when it comes to the benefits it brings.

      You can try Elementor, as they have a one time fee. However, I would suggest you have a look at the Thrive Suite first and invest in yourself…

      Please re-watch these two videos inside Step 4


      I will update the video soon as well. 🙂