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Choosing A Domain Name

Philip Borrowman · March 15, 2021

This simple an short tutorial will show you how to choose a domain name that suits your business. 

Domain Names

Choosing a domain name is a very straight forward process once you understand the basics.

Follow these simple rules and pick a suitable domain name.

There is no rocket science here, guys.

Again, don’t overthink the process.

Follow these simple rules and also, an extra pro tip, do not add any special characters, symbols or weird letters. 

Keep it simple!

The Problem

People get emotionally attached to domain names for no logical reason other than “Yeah, but I bought this domain name 5 years ago and I wanna use it”.

Your emotions do not enter into it. Follow along and pick a domain that makes sense.


  1. Hi Philip,
    Thanks for the video, you make things simple.
    I have a question, can I use my name as my domain name?
    For example if my niche is about the internet marketing, can I use alexnartey.com and work on as brand?
    Thank you.

  2. HI. I do MMO product reviews and solutions to crappy MMO products. The problem is that I didn’t think a year ahead, so I’m sort of bound by reviews. My website is connected to my youtube channel and Instagram.
    I already have a domain name free joy reviews. com Do you think I should change it and if not, Do I need to go through the whole “building your website” part of the training?

      1. Done! … Thanks, I think the advanced traffic blueprint seems more in alignment with my 8-month journey with Launch Jacking experience I know through what Jono taught us. I’ve chosen the 11 am Webinar today. I LOVE TAO but your right that’s a better fit. If this is another monthly payment course can I exchange TAO for that instead?

        1. It’s a one time fee for ATB. You will unlearn everything Jono taught you. You will learn why solo ads are so bad, why all the softwares Jono promotes are so terrible and learn how to build a genuine business using launch jacking.

          1. Yay I bought it …I’ get started tmw. I wish I thought of getting ATB through Dennis Wright’s link since he was the one who introduced me to TAO. Can you fix it so that he does?