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Core Pages

Philip Borrowman · March 15, 2021

Your core pages make up the backbone of your site. This tutorial will talk you through the basics of setting them up.


  • Create pages called: Homepage, Contact Us, About Us, Blog. 
  • Set your homepage and blog page inside the “Reading” settings.
  • Delete all the default widgets.
  • Set up your basic menu to display on homepage.
  • Set up the “contact us” page as I show you in the video. Don’t forget to send yourself a test email.
  • Set up your “About Me” page as I describe in the video. Write a simple 100- 500 paragraph about you and what you are hoping to do with your website. Add an image as well as I show you in the video. Here is my about me page.

What NOT To Do

  • Do not overthink this. “How your site looks” does not matter right now. There is no point spending hours editing it when you will change it all very soon further down the Action Plan.
  • Do not spend too long on your “About Me” page. Keep it under 500 words.
  • If you add an image, make the file size as small as you can. The image dimension can be any size, but the file size has to be small.


  1. Wow, that was great, it took me the best part of a whole afternoon to complete. Whilst I have cobbled together many WordPress sites, I have never created a homepage menu, an about me page….complete with a picture!! Or created the general structure of the site.

    I have to admit going ‘off-road’ and choosing the cheaper but very similar page builder, Elementor, which also has a free trial which leaves me an option to use Thrive if Elementor does not deliver.