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Create A Blog Post – Step by Step – Keyword & Competition Research

Philip Borrowman · March 16, 2021

In this first part, I am going to do some basic keyword research and start creating my blog post. Let’s do this!

Let’s get going and create a blog post together. You are going to watch me research, develop and publish a blog post so you can see exactly what to do.

Be sure to watch this whole 4 part series and get a full overview BEFORE you start. Then come back and watch it for a second time and start creating your own blog post.


Commons Sense & Future Tutorials Coming

When you do keyword & competition research, there are dozens of indicators and influences which determine if a keyword is worth pursuing.

I will be creating a series of LIVE workshops later to cover these in detail.

This tutorial here is merely one example out of many.

Your Goal:

Assuming you have chosen a micro niche and you have found a long tail keyword, your goal is to create a better and more valuable content than the existing Google listings.

Future Training

In 2021 I will be creating a series of LIVE workshop where I will help you develop content, perform competition research and MORE…

Keep an eye out in your inbox for future training modules.

The Solution

The best way for you to proceed right now, is to get some practical experience with researching. The assumption here is that you are targeting long tail keywords with low competition.

Failing forward is the key. At no point has any blogger “understood” what to do from day one and not have to go through the process of learning as you go… you are no different.

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Be sure to check out the “Help Section” inside Jaaxy to get detailed tutorials on how to use the tool. It is SUPER easy to use, which is why it’s so good for beginner marketers.


  1. Hello Philip, in doing my keyword for my niche, which the two subjects I chose is making money online and affiliate marketing, I am finding articles that are going to be hard to compete with. I don’t know if I should find other micro niches within and what they could be. Any thoughts you can give me or ideas?

    1. Yes, “make money online with affiliate marketing” is too broad in many ways. Also, it is one of the most competitive markets out there. I would choose something else if you could, or dig deeper into a subniche, such as software reviews, plugin reviews, funnel creation, email marketing or something like that.