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Create A Blog Post – Step by Step – Writing & Editing – Part 2

Philip Borrowman · March 16, 2021

This second part of the writing and editing tutorial, will delve deeper into the writing and editing part of creating a blog post.

We overcame a huge hurdle in the last video. There was a problem with the formatting which took a while to troubleshoot.

You will encounter issues like this over and over and how you deal with these issues is what separate the winners from the losers.



  1. I still encounter the same problem you had when trying to enter images in my post, Philip. The image ends up at the foot of the page, and all the formatting disappears. This is obviously a problem in Thrive architect, is it essential to continue using it? As it is getting tedious going through the same proceedure of removing and re formatting the whole post!

    1. It’s fine. Later in the action plan you install a lovely theme and this issue is no longer there. The issue is with the basic WordPress editor, its crap. lol! DO what you can and move on with the Action Plan and things will make sense later.

      1. I have been in a long session with Thrive support, and after a number of replies, they confirm it is not possible to enter an image directly into the text, as you showed also. I set up a link to allow support access and they installed an image as you show in your video. However, it removed all the earlier formatting, H1 H2 H3s, and anything in bold text is now removed and stacked at the footer of the post. Is this what we have to rectify and reformat every time an image is entered into the post? It is not possible to proceed with it looking as it does at the moment. I have the post set as a draft, obviously, but here is the URL in the hope you can view it.petegoochonline.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=102&action=architect&tve=true

        1. I cant see that post as it is your URl not a public URL. You can drag multiple text fields in and images as well. You do not need to try and combine the text field and image. For now, keep it simple and move forward as no one will see you site right now.

          It will make more sense later when you set up a proper theme that is more compatible with each other.

    1. Sure, any YouTube video which has a “share” button can be shared anywhere. However, it is obviously preferable to create your own video, otherwise you pass the branding and attention onto whichever video you embed.

  2. I don’t know what happened but I watched this without being signed in? Lol (just incase your checking my stats 😉
    I’ve every intention in watching this section over again as I find it sticks in my head and I get to understand it better. Great training Philip!