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Creating My Lead Magnet – The Actual Lead Magnet

Philip Borrowman · March 16, 2021

It is time for me to create the “freebie/lead magnet” which I am offering up as a valuable resource.

Your lead magnet needs to be super valuable and high quality.

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The key in the beginning is to keep it as simple as possible and remember that your lead magnet will become refined and tweaked over the next few weeks and months as you grow.

By the time you come to the end of the Action Plan, you will come back here and re-do your lead magnet.

The Problem

There are a LOT of different lead magnets you can create.

People tend to overthink this and assume they have to make the best resource or training since sliced bread.

The Solution

Think logically!

Over the next month or two, while you work through the Action Plan, your niche knowledge and experience will grow.

You will develop as a marketer and have a whole new appreciation for what you are doing with your new business.

You can and WILL return to your lead magnet and make it WAY better than it is right now.

So, do not overthink this process. Deliver something that will help your audience and move to the next step.