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Easy Keyword Research Bootcamp – Keyword List

Philip Borrowman · March 16, 2021

It’s time to build out a list of keywords from which you form the foundation of your future content.

If you completed the niche selection step (Step 1) and chosen a micro niche then this process becomes very easy because all keywords are very closely related anyways.

Follow along and continue to build out your keyword list.

This is exploration, do not overthink the process.



Here is how you build your list of niche keywords.


  • Explore and have fun. Do not overthink the search volume or competition.
  • Search in Google and find related search terms and keywords and use those to explore in Jaaxy.
  • STAY within your sub niche.
  • Build a big list of 100+ keywords for your micro niche.
  • Use Google predicted search to find related searches.


  • No not overthink or over analyse every keyword.
  • Do NOT stray away from your micro niche and add unrelated keywords.
  • Do not live or die by the search volume data. If a search term makes logical sense then use it!


  1. Hi Philip, the niche I have chosen is affiliate marketing for beginners. Every site I go on with the choice of keywords that I have selected has 3 or 4 videos on it towards the top of the page, I have a couple of keywords with just 10-100 monthly searches according to Google planner the others have 100-1k. I know you said don’t pay too much attention to the searches, and the low searched for keyword has no videos on the page. do you think that it would be best to go for that rather than compete against videos.

    1. Affiliate marketing is a super competitive niche. But, it’s still doable. In the beginning, go for keyword phrases with at least 4+ words in them. That reduces the competition.

      Which keywords to go for is up to you. I would not pay too much attention to the data.

      If the top results in the SERPS are ads+videos+snippet then ignore the keyword and choose something else.

      1. Thanks I will do that, I have long-tailed keywords with 6 and 7 words. The top results were just as you described them..I have gone for the easier choice right now and have started creating posts for my blog. My niche is ‘Affiliate marketing for beginners and I can take my audience along with me as I learn … hopefully …