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Part 2 – Failing Forward – Falling in Love with Boring

Philip Borrowman · January 31, 2022

“Inside the Fast Track Affiliate Bootcamp, I share the secret to online success and what YOU have to do to get traffic, leads and sales to your business. 

Unfortunately, you are trained to believe in “get rich quick” but it does not exist.

The secret to online success is simpler than most people think but they are not willing to commit to one strategy and do the work.

People need to wake up and see the reality.”



These are the secrets you need to fully understand if you want to build an online business, in any niche.

I cover these in this video, so keep watching.

  • Understanding Long Term Goals
  • Being Mature & Growing a Pair
  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • Rinsing & Repeating
  • Giving Value, Not Selling
  • Fast Results Do NOT Exist

The Problem

People are NOT willing to do the work because the reality of building an online business is not “sexy, fast and fun”. 

The reality is boring, repetitive and feels like work.

This is something people do NOT want to hear because it does not fit their dream of making money fast and easily.

Silver Lining

The wonderful thing about making money online is that it’s SUPER accessible and so cheap when you compare it to ANY other career path out there.

You can start a business online for less than $100/m which is insane when you consider previous generations and what they had to go through to have this type of opportunity.

Building an online business is 100% doable and you can do it too IF you are willing to accept these simple “secrets” to online success.


  1. Love this so far Philip. I was an instant and complaining idiot. Now I have slapped that ugly, false inner voice inside my head, woke me up because it was a hard slap 😀. I am now ready to tackle the real and true self. It’s the roots that produce the fruits.

  2. I’ve finally gotten my mind out of this shiny object syndrome. It has really been
    a problem for me, not that I was looking for get rich quick, but thinking that these
    things I purchase would help me in the future with my business. Then you finally realize that
    there’s a lot of junk out there. I had a focus problem and these videos have helped me
    stick with one thing. Thanks, Philip.

  3. Every time I receive an offer in an email selling a program for $19 where you can make $479.35 within 24 hours I now know is impossible after losing a lot of money buying them. I tell myself “well I can always get my money refunded if it doesn’t work” and then buy it and most every time I don’t even ask for a refund. Like Philip says if it isn’t sexy or boring and if it was that way more people would be rich and the program wouldn’t be selling for only $19. Then they hit us up with the first OTO which is quite a bit more but now we are hooked.

  4. Philip, thanks for being honest about all the crap that happens on a simple task. I LMOA watching you acting out what online marketers go through and what NOTHING works every the first time. Good Job! And explaining the REAL World.

  5. So much appreciate the transparency; can’t say I will grow a pair of balls, BUT definitely needed a good wake up call! When reflecting on my past patterns/behaviors, guilty as charged with pretty much every aspect addressed. Thank you Phillip on shedding some much needed light!

    1. it’s important to repeat the learning process because most people get distracted again after weeks of watching this video, Leah. Make a note in your diary to come back and rewatch this in a few weeks and then again in a few months. You will be surprised how effective it is.

  6. I definitely fit the shiny object distraction category. I’ve had satisfying career opportunities with success in way that those careers recognized but none of them gave me 6 figure income. 🙂

  7. Failing forward is a unique way to say, “learning from your mistakes”. This lesson brought clarity to me in the moment. Not a bad way to click “refresh” and move forward. Once you understand where you are it’s time to click “save”. Then move onto the next problem or learn more, to constantly move forward. (Don’t seem to be able to “mark complete” on this lesson.) Thanks

  8. Great Video Phil! I admit my failures and you are spot on about shiny object syndrome, which got into me when I keep failing to strike a sale for years together. The best thing that I believe , is that, this time I am with you guys towards tasting success and keep moving forward.

  9. Aw Phillip you make so much sense as usual. I have been looking at the b.s out there yet again, gotta say they work very hard at convincing you. , how I went from zero income to $1000 dollar days in just one week spending an hour day making a youtube vid. It’s crazy, but we so want to believe in the magic answer, the dfy system that answers all our prayers. In the end it all comes down to one person you and what you do with the available resources you have at hand. No one else. Thank you for the reality check..

  10. At the start I was diligent, believed in getting money quickly and therefore invested a lot of money e.g. in WorldProfit; that is passé for long. It wasn’t even the shinny object syndrome that victimized me; it was believing the products’ promises just as in Tools Mojo. There was also pressure of buying at webinars, paying scamming mentors one even said he was dying from terminal illness, undelivered websites and prospects, domains that are left fallow, upsells that took me by surprise, delayed support; my ignorance, not having enough funding for hosting ssl, malware, upgrades, platform apps, having a landline only, not taking action and so forth.

    1. Most people are in your situation, Joyce. All you can do is note it down as experience and move forward. You are in a safe place now. The good thing is you will have gained a lot of experience with these scammy products, so you can learn from them as you understand how to build a real business.

  11. Yep! That is exactly the same type of people which fail in every type of business Philip is describing. It is not just limited to “Online Marketing”, which I am not used to anyway. But let’s see where the journey leads us too 🙂

  12. Wow, Philip, that was an incredibly informative and succinct video! Coming from an aviation background myself, I know just how important it is to plan each flight meticulously – from the point of origin to the destination. From minute heading and altitude adjustments to speed changes, it takes a lot of precision and focus to ensure a safe journey. Let’s get to it!

  13. I am afraid, that I recognize my own irrational behavior 🙂 But you are so right. It is best to learn from scratch and I really hope, I will pick it up this time and stay focused. I will try my best.

  14. Very hard lesson to learn. But with refining each time you fail and with learning from people who can see where you are going wrong. This is the good oil needed to move on each time you fail.