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First Contact Email

Philip Borrowman · March 16, 2021

Next, we have to set up our first contact email. This is super easy and fast to do.

Now it is time to set up your first email your new subscribers get once they opt in to your list. We are going to keep this real simple. 

Later in the Action Plan we will delve deeper into email marketing but, right now, it’s not that important because your time is better spent expanding your content.


Keep It Simple

Spend an hour or so clicking around and getting used to creating and email. Also, why not sign up to your own list and test your email once you have created it.

The key is to keep things simple. Notice how few features I use?

Later in the Action Plan we will develop full blow automation with a deep set of emails.

If you over complicate things, you over complicate things and open up a whole new flood of potential problems.

Here are the variable inputs from this video:

  • [acknowledge why they are getting the email]
  • [remind them of the problem/lead magnet]
  • [remind them why YOUR resource is the solution]
  • [develop the problem further]
  • [offer up your future emails as the solution]
  • [Call to action]

Here is my example email:

Hey! Philip here from Horse Race Trading.

Thank you for checking out my hack on how to make consistent winning trades on the horse markets. [acknowledge why they are getting the email]

I know you are trying to find a simple strategy for trading the horses which will not lose your whole bankroll in one bad trade. [remind them of the problem/lead magnet]

I spent a long time looking for a beginner friendly hack.

That simple trick I showed you in my tutorial is amazingly easy to learn and if you are patient and you have a mature mindset you can consistently bring in a sustainable profit. [remind them why YOUR resource is the solution]

However, I am sure you can see that that single tutorial is not long enough or elaborate enough to really delve down into every possible outcome of that race. [develop the problem further]

That is why you need to keep an eye out for my future emails as I will send you more videos and free resources to help you develop as a horse race trader on Betfair. [offer up your future emails as the solution]

In the meantime, check out my hack once more to get your head around this idea. [Call to action]


Philip – Horse Race Trading

The Problem:

Most beginners will overthink this process and want to have the “perfect funnel” setup on day one, without really knowing the long term vision of their business.

The result is they spend far to long setting up emails and pages with bonuses and extra resources before they have any traffic, which is a waste of time.

Why is this a waste of time?

You are a beginner and by the time you get to Step 20 of the Action Plan and you have 10 or 15 blog posts and perhaps a handful of videos, you will have a MUCH better understanding of your niche and you are exceedingly likely to come back and re-do your lead magnet rendering your current one obsolete.

The Solution:

Spend your time on what matters, which is moving forward. Get going forward without agonizing over every last detail.

You have no traffic, so who cares if you have one email or fifty in your autoresonder because you have no audience.

By building your site and concentrating on developing yourself and your business you will be in a much better position in a few weeks time.

Trust me!