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How Does YouTube Fit Into Your Marketing Plan

Philip Borrowman · March 17, 2021

You can drive so much traffic from YouTube to your blog without much effort. This is how YouTube fits into the “big picture” of your business.

Let me show you how videos can help you rank better in Google & get more traffic to your channel + blog.

There are many different ways to get traffic to your videos, this is why they are so powerful.


Google Vs YouTube

The Good

  • There are multiple streams of traffic potential for your videos.
  • Videos on blog posts increase dwell time, which increases rankings.
  • If your video does not rank No.1 in YouTube, it does NOT matter because traffic comes from sidebar, embeds, discovery pages and more…

The Bad

  • Google only delivers good traffic if you are on page one.
  • Google is an absolute thing, if you don’t rank of page one you don’t get traffic from them.
  • Blog posts are great but it is harder to keep people’s attention if you have long form content without a video.

Engagement & User Experience:

Assuming you make OK videos with good audio, the user experience is greatly enhanced by having video. 

By having a video embedded on your blog post your audience get much better value because they can get a visual representation of your blog post.

This increases engagement, exposure and increases the chance of someone subscribing to your lead magnet or and your YouTube channel.


  1. Great Lesson. I have in the french market a youtube channel wabout Celebrities then and now. I got ranked quiet fast because I was on the suggestions. I donĂ„’t have time anymore for this channel, because I am following this course here and making videos for affiliate marketing, but I can assure you that I get everyday subscribers, likes and a tons of views on some videos. I have also a video with 14 k views lol. You can see the channel here if you want : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvei9rKSqRiVcRsIv8zsnWw/ . This is not to promote my channel, but to show people that there isn’t much SEO implemented on it.