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Part 4 – How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online?

Philip Borrowman · January 31, 2022

In this tutorial, I will show you how long it will take you to make money online. The answer may surprise you.

“The only way for you to truly learn and make money online as an affiliate is to fail forward. This is not a sexy concept and something newbie marketers do not want to hear.

Please understand that the next 6 months will be incredibly challenging but they can also be life-changing. I mean LITERALLY life-changing if you are willing to take it seriously.”

Philip Borrowman – Taking Action Online


  1. Solid comparison of losing weight to building/earning $ online. Ultimately comes down to MINDSET, current abilities, budget, and time invested. Overcoming my fear of failure is a hurdle I need to overcome.

  2. I’m back, after a stupid year and I am going to take my online business seriously (I truly mean this). I have been in the shiny object syndrome faze for way too long to know it’s just plain stupidity to think I’m going to get instant results. I have learned my fair share to keep away from shiny objects and betting apps (now that was dumb), Four years of dumbness😆. I am now committed to focus on your training Philip. I will work hard, get my head out of my arse and stay focused on 1 online business niche and stick with it, to do whatever it takes. I’m here for the long haul, I just need motivation and a positive mindset. WHATEVER IT TAKES!! I’ll be starting again very soon with your training. So look out here I come. Cheers mate 😀👍

    1. Good to hear, Jason. Most people fall back on the SOS waggon when they see that they have to work for it… they relapse, then realise that they need to wake up and return to TAO. So happy to have you back in action. Let me know when you want to start so I can re-activate your account.