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How to Market On YouTube

Philip Borrowman · March 17, 2021

In this lesson, you will learn how to market on YouTube and understand what NOT to do.

Make videos to solve the user query and focusing on answering “what the user wants” based on their search query.

Do not overthink the process.



  • Do not buy fake views.
  • Do not pay for people to comment on your videos.
  • Do not pay for 1000s of backlinks from Fiverr or ANY other marketplace.
  • Do not buy fake engagement or ANY kind of misleading vanity metric.

Marketing On YouTube Is Simple…

… if you make it simple. Most people tend to over-complicate the process by overthinking every last thing.

Your niche knowledge will improve for every video.

Your knowledge, confidence and ability to spot content opportunities grow over time.

Soon, your videos will be delivering insane amount of value, but only if you are willing to make a bunch of videos which are not perfect.

Your job is to know 10% more than the person behind you.

Your audience is looking for answers which anyone can answer.

You do NOT need to be the all-knowing expert of your niche. Your only job is to know enough to answer the single query for one video, no more.

You are not re-inventing the wheel, just fail forward.

Newbies get sucked into information overload due to lack of self confidence.

Do not fall into the trap of over-researching and analysis paralysis because you think you have to know everything about a topic, you don’t. 

Focus on the user query and that is enough to satisfy the person searching for it.


  1. This video is why I joined this community. To get told off for doing the wrong thing. I have no problem with the technical stuff – just need keeping on the straight and narrow. I guess this si what you call coaching, in the genuine sense.