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Part 3 – Investing In Yourself

Philip Borrowman · January 31, 2022

Investing in yourself is essential. People think snacks and luxury items are more important than their own education and commitment to their business: They could not be more wrong!

Do NOT go into debt to pursue your online dream. By going into debt you put pressure on yourself to succeed quickly. This will push you to make rash decisions, make you impatient and guarantee your own failure.

Philip Borrowman


  1. How did you know I was wasting money on beer and pizza? 😀. I was making excuses after stupid excuses, my famous saying was I can’t afford this or I haven’t got the time, boobloodyhoo, what a load of BS that stupid little voice inside of my head was telling me, never listening to him ever again 😀. Moving forward, cheers mate 😀👍

        1. Everyone’s situation is unique. The main takeaway lesson from this video is that if we are unhappy with our current circumstance, we should make a concerted effort to improve it, even if it is only a modest incremental step.

    1. i have 7 kids and I’m doing what Philip is saying its not easy especially when I’m disabled read my profile but like i said i may be down but I’m not out. words to live by

  2. 2 weeks ago, I wanted to buy my last toy which was a 2-seater sports car roadster. But thanks you to, I’ve decided to defer that purchase for a few months. I don’t know whether to thank you or hate you… But your influence about spending money until you make money in your business, helped me make that tough, but right, decision about my last toy.

  3. Story of my life – am certainly guilty.
    The decisions were all mine – good, bad and ugly; but now and opportunity to go again -properly and systematically, without distractions.

  4. I feel like I’m there already I just need some major guidance and training but my heart is definitely there no doubt. It’s embarrassing to me to spend so many, many hours and not accomplish anything worth mentioning. Well, the universe did open this course up for me which I’m grateful for.