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Keyword Research

Philip Borrowman · March 17, 2021

Researching keywords on YouTube is important, however it is NOT a be-all and end-all situation. Lead with your gut instinct and fail forward, that is the key!

There is a fine balance between failing forward, gaining perspective and sitting back and measuring the results.

Do not get bogged down in the finer detail of something you do no understand.

You learn SO much more by making a video that does not rank, as opposed to overthinking your keyword to the point where you talk yourself out of making the video in the first place.


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Informational Keywords

How do I…
How to…
Where can I…
How do I ….
Why does … happen.
[something] tutorial
[something] step by step
[something] beginner tutorial
How can…
How do you…
How to … with [product name]
How to build…
How to get rid of…
How to make…

Buyer Keywords

Where can I buy [product name]
Where to buy [product name]
Where to find [product name]
Where to shop for [product name]
[product name] coupon
[product name] coupon code
[product name] discount
[product name] for cheap
[product name] on sale
[product name] promo
[product name] promo code
[product name] review
[product name] special
Best [product name]
Best [product name] site
Best [product name] website
Best + product type + in the year.
Best of [product name]
Best price for [product name]
Best savings for [product name]
Brand name [product name]
Brand new [product name]
Budget [product name]