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Philip Borrowman · March 15, 2021

We need to keep the momentum going! Let’s get moving with the next step inside the Action Plan!

Congratulations! You should be very chuffed with your progress. Most people NEVER get this far because they are forever stuck in the “planning” stage.

They think, they make notes and make lists but never implement anything.

Keep up the momentum and move forward to Step 3 of the Action Plan!

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It’s time to move to the next step in the Action Plan!

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  1. After admit, I am one those people that doesn’t ever get this far. And yes, I have been through many, many of these courses.
    But my momentum for this course has a lot to do with the trainer. Thank you, Mr. Borrowman.
    I have had different types of trainers. A trainer that speaks too slow, takes his time, repeating everything….drives me crazy. “What tha, you don, you don’t have a stuttering problem?” A trainer with an overpowered English accent, speaking as if someone is chasing him, while mispronouncing every other word…drives me crazy. “Sunday Driver, my captions can’t keep up!”. A trainer that seems he is never going to get to the point and is easily sidtracted…drives me crazy. “I know more about his personal and social life then the….now what was I learning from him?”.
    Thank you, Mr. Philip Borrowman. You are doing an outstanding job…keeping my attention at attention.