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Quora Monsoon

Philip Borrowman · March 16, 2021

Quora is a wonderful place to get content ideas but also to brand yourself as an expert in your niche. You are trading time for traffic but if you do it right there is no limit here.

“Again, use your common sense. Follow the rules and guidelines that Quora outline for you. Follow “spaces” within your niche and start answering questions. Give VALUE and do NOT sell and you will do just fine.”


Traffic From Quora:

Step 1 – Answer Questions

When you join Quora, you start following “spaces” within your niche. You then start answering questions within those “spaces” to offer as much value as you can without adding any external links to your blog posts or any of your videos.

Step 2 – People Click On Your Profile

Once you answer a question, people will often click on your profile to checkout who you are. Inside your profile, where you have a great bio written, you can include a link to your website.

This is where the traffic comes from. This is very powerful because they are pre-sold on you already because you’ve given value to them by answering their questions.

Step 3 – Links To Your Other Answers

Later, once you have started building up a collection of posts within Quora, you can start linking to other questions and posts you have inside the Quora platform which will boost your overall traffic drastically.