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Setting Up Branded Email Address

Philip Borrowman · March 15, 2021

This short tutorial will show you how to set up your basic email account so you get an official email to go along with your new business. This makes you look legitimate. 

Use A Branded Email: Advantages

1 – More Professional

Using a real email address with your domain name makes you 100% more professional.

If you set this up early it saves you a lot of time.

2 – More Organised

Use your branded email to sign up for services and tools you need for your business.

This helps you stay organised with one single email address.

3- Relationships

When you email your followers it becomes a more personal experience and your followers get used to seeing your domain name.


  1. Hi Phillip, firstly a big thank you for the new member training platform. I now find it very easy to navigate. I have been slowly working on my niche website and set up the “Up Branded Email Address”. It is already and working just fine.

    My question is, does this mean I have to log into my back niche website back office each time to check my inbox. Or perhaps there’s is an easy way to re-direct my “Up Branded Email Address” to my personal Gmail account that is easily accessible on my desktop?

    Thank you in advance for your continued support.

    1. Hey! You can 100% set up a forwarding method to your chosen mailbox. If you speak with your hosting, they can help you out there. I don’t show you as there are simply too many option and possibilities. If you skip to 2:30 in the video above, you can see I show you where you can find the options.