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Setting Up Hosting & Domain

Philip Borrowman · March 15, 2021

Let’s set up your hosting and domain name. This is SUPER easy and fast to do. Are you ready?

Click the link below to create your account.

Good hosting providers are hard to find and some of the mainstream hosting providers, even though cheap, are incredibly poor value and have very bad customer service!

This is why I use Siteground. They are fantastic value for money.

Click Here To Create Account With SiteGround

If your country is not eligible with SiteGround then I suggest you try Bluehost.

 Click here to grab a great deal.

Setting up your website is a piece of cake. However, sometimes things do not go to plan.

If anything is different or an option is missing from your screen then follow my instructions on how to contact the support for SiteGround.

The support is amazing and will help you out in minutes.



  1. 1. I already have a site and host on a host name “Bluehost” , can I only buy new domain and attached to this host instead to buy new host and domain at “siteground.co.uk” that has much more expensive plans?
    2. Because you show in your instructions video how to create new host and SSL and email on the host “siteground.co.uk” – Could you send me new instructions that relevant for “Bluehost”?
    3.Does all other steps on action plan are explaining for “siteground.co.uk” ?
    4. What is the benefits of “siteground.co.uk” compare to others hosting sites that are much less expensive?

    1. You can use any hosting provider you want, that is up to you. In my experience, the support from Bluehost is awful. SiteGround is amazing in every way and the extra couple of dollars per month is worth paying for peace of mind as your website is your most precious asset.

      Any instructions on how to use Bluehost you will have to ask their support for as I do not have support for that.

      As I mentioned in the video above, never “go cheap”, when it comes to hosting.

      Siteground has the best support, speed and security I have seen online so far.

          1. It’s a safety measure, I think it comes from the times when people didn’t completely trusted hosting companies. So, if your host go down you can move domain to a new host, and the other way around.

  2. Hello,

    So I’ve been going along with the course and it has been going great. I just hit a snag in this one here. SiteGround is not available in my country.

    Do you have any suggestions on how to go about this now?

    Thank you,