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Time Vs Reward vs Terms & Conditions

Philip Borrowman · March 16, 2021

Your time is your most precious asset. Do not squander it with an unorganized and unprofessional attitude.

Trading Time For Traffic

When you set up a profile on any other platform, you want to use some common sense.

You can spend a long time building up a great public profile and have 1000s of followers reasonably quickly, as long as you focus all your attention on ONE platform, not five.

When you spend time creating content for other platforms you are effectively trading your time for exposure and traffic.

Is it worth doing? HELL YES!

However, you need to use common sense and logic to see the best result.

The Problem

You do not “own” the content you post on forums and social media. You can control it to an extent but you are 100% tied to the T&C of that platform.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Focus your main attention on building your business.

The Solution

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Provide 100% value and help!
  2. Do NOT create content which is there to “get a click!”
  3. Go out of your way to create awesome content for whichever platform you choose.
  4. Only choose ONE platform to focus on, not two or three.
  5. Don’t be a dick!
  6. Don’t use any kind of software to spam or automate the process.
  7. Don’t copy and paste content from other websites.