Starting Your Day With No Plans?

I want to discuss starting your day with no plan or purpose.

This is a huge hurdle for beginners because, in the beginning, when you are just starting out,

✅ you’re busy,
✅ you have a life,
✅ you have friends,
✅ you have a busy social life,
✅ you have a full-time job,
✅ you have children,
✅ you have health issues,
✅ you have sick relatives,
✅ and so on and so on.

It means that actually having a plan when you start your day is very difficult because most people cross their fingers and have maybe a vague plan for the day where they say, “If I have time, I will try and do X, Y, and Z. I might have time to try to write a blog post. I might have time to watch some lessons. I might have time to try and do X, Y, and Z.”

As opposed to saying, “Today, I am going to do X, Y, and Z.”

Now, obviously, I completely sympathize because, as I said in the beginning, when you’re brand new, finding time in your day-to-day is very hard because you have a routine and people like a routine.

And if on Monday nights you always play football, or on Tuesday nights you always have movie nights with your girlfriend, or on Friday nights you always have after-work drinks, it is very difficult to say no to those things and to make time for your business.

But the key here, guys, is that every day you should sit down and work out a plan for you to achieve that day or that week or that month.

Now the problem is planning isn’t sexy. Planning isn’t fun because it feels like work. It almost feels like homework in many ways.

And so, people shy away from it because they don’t take it seriously enough.

Which is fair enough because at the beginning, when you have imposter syndrome, and you feel unworthy, and you feel like a complete noob.

And you feel like, “Who’s going to listen to me? I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Why should I make a plan to grow my business when I’m a beginner?”

Basically, in a nutshell, you have no self-confidence because you’re brand new.

It means that planning is scary; planning isn’t sexy because you don’t really know what to do yet.

This obviously is another big topic because in the beginning, when you don’t know what you’re doing, how can you be expected to plan for creating something when you don’t know what you’re doing?

But it starts by just taking one step forward at a time.

And so, every single day you should sit down and work out what you need to achieve that day. But you want to make the goals achievable.

You want to make goals that you can actually do, even in 15 minutes, or half an hour, because that means that you can start taking those small steps towards actually achieving something.

Because if you were to do one small thing per day, it could be as simple as listening to this audio right here or reading this blog post.

Or it could be as simple as watching four lessons inside the Action Plan.

But if you do that every single day, it’s literally 15 minutes, half an hour, if you do something every single day to move your business forward, by the end of the year, that starts accumulating and compounding, and things start moving forward.

I would highly urge you; I’m begging you, please.

I’m literally on my knees right now, guys, begging you read two books.

The first one is called The ONE Thing by Gary Keller, and the second one is Atomic Habits by James Clear.

These two book will revolutionize the way you think and perceive multitasking. It’ll revolutionize what you think and feel about time wasting.

It’ll revolutionize what you think and feel about cutting through all the clutter, achieving more and less time and basically, having real momentum towards your goals.

Doesn’t matter how big, how small, if you actually listen to what they say and then take very cautious, very simple, very small steps actually to move forward and implement those things, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Because everything you do in life, guys, starts with the basics. It starts by simply getting out of bed and walking towards a computer.

And choosing between, “Am I going to watch YouTube while I have breakfast, or am I going to watch an educational tutorial inside Tao with my breakfast?”

When you come home from work, it’s as simple as, “Am I going to get into my pyjamas and binge-watch another episode of the Witcher?

Or am I going to get in my pyjamas and sit and plan my next blog post or plan my first video?”

All right.

Those are the micro, micro-commitments you have to make and change in order for you to actually see real results.

If you are a person who wakes up in the morning and crosses your fingers and starts a day, then you should not be surprised that your life doesn’t really improve much and you don’t make more money.

If you want to change that, you have to start making plans. Okay.

Now, I’m not just talking about TAO and so on, I’m talking about you in general.

Now, let’s say, for argument’s sake if you want to buy a new computer, and it costs $2,000, the only way for you to get that computer is actually to start having a goal.

“Okay. I want to save $2,000. How can I do that? Well, when I go to work today, I’m going to take a coffee from home with me, instead of buying a coffee on the way for five bucks. And I’m going to put that five bucks in the jar.”

It starts with taking those micro, micro steps. And unless you commit to it, nothing’s going to happen.

You’ll end up buying a computer anyway and put on a credit card, which is money you don’t own and then wonder why you’re poor. You are always in control of your actions.

It’s so important to understand that.

And so when it comes to TAO and building a business and so on, if you start the day with no plan, you’re crossing your fingers, and you’re using the words, “If I have time, I might try,” those are very passive.

Those words themselves tell you, “If I have time, I’ll try.” Those words aren’t good enough.

You need to say, “Today I am going to do X, Y, and Z.”

Okay. But you do small things that are achievable because that way, you feel good; you’re actually getting them done.

You have the time and the space actually to get them done, and you can move forward.

And guess what?

You probably could still sneak in one or two episodes here and there of your favourite show.

You can still see your friends, but you start becoming more productive and doing the right thing to move your business forward.

And that is the secret to moving forward and actually having a real purpose in your day.

Otherwise, all that happens is next week, you will still be complaining that you don’t have time.

Unfortunately, you do have time.

If you read these two books, the Atomic Habit by James Clear and The ONE Thing by Gary Keller, you’ll very quickly have your excuses squashed.

If you ever say the words, “I don’t have time to do X, Y, and Z,” then the chances are you need to read these books because you’re going to have your whole world shaken, and you have all your excuses squashed.

And you suddenly realize that, “Huh, I do have time. The only difference is tomorrow, I’m going to make time and make it happen for me.”

Okay? Guys, if you ever, ever have used the words, “I don’t have time to do this,” you need to read these books.

And if you want a secret little hack, then listen to the audio book at the same time that you’re reading. That ensures you have complete focus.

By having a little timer on your screen when you’re reading, you read so much faster and you can smash through the book in one single night.

For me personally, I’m a very slow reader. I get distracted easily and my mind wanders.

Before, I used to have to reread the same page over and over.

It was slow, and tedious. It would take me weeks to finish one book, but now I can finish a book in literally four hours.

Boom, it’s done. I can move forward. I’m learning more, I’m progressing more, I’m a better person for it. And my horizons are broadening, and I can move forward faster ever than ever before.

And it’s because I’m listening to the audiobook and reading the book at the same time to really compound my focus, to put my blinkers on just like on a horse.

And so I can just smash through it and get it done. And it sinks in so much better because I’ve got two inputs.

I’m reading and it’s activating all my senses. And I’m listening and it’s activating all my imagination.

And I’m just completely absorbed in the book. Okay. Guys, start your day with a plan.

Don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best. Get stuff done and move forward. Okay?

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