What Do You Do When You Fall Off The Wagon?

In this episode, I want to talk to you about what you do when you get sidetracked.

▶ What do you do when you fall off the wagon?
▶ What do you do when you start a business online, and then after a few weeks or a few months, you suddenly stop because you feel deflated?

You feel just that kind of, “Ugh, I’ve done so much work, nothing’s happening, there’s no traffic, nothing’s ranking, my videos aren’t working, my blog posts aren’t working”.

🙏 What do you do when you give up?
🙏 What do you do when you stop, and then you feel bad?

You feel guilty; you feel like you’ve wasted money.

You feel like you wasted time, you feel stupid for failing, and so on and so forth, which usually happens in the first six months of any business online, especially with affiliate marketing.

What do you do?

That’s what I want to talk to you about now.

So I’m pretty sure that all of you have at some point had something that you started and didn’t finish.

You started a blog, wrote 5, 10, 15, 20 blog posts and stopped.

You created a YouTube channel, created 5, 10, 15 videos and stopped.

And after you stop, you always have a good reason; you have reasons such as:

▶ You run out of money.
▶ You have health issues,
▶ You get distracted by a shiny object,
▶ You have family problems,
▶ You have legal issues.
▶ You have just that really busy time at work.
▶ Maybe it’s Christmas,
▶ Maybe you get sick,
▶ And so on and so on…

So the list goes on and on and on in this, right?

So to you, you always feel that you have a logical and rational reason for stopping.

And so you stop, and then you feel guilty, you feel stupid, you feel lost.

You feel like you’re a loser because most likely you told your friends that you were doing this and you had big dreams and you feel deflated.

It is an anti-climax because you’ve been daydreaming about the fact that you wanted to make money online and you started, and you stopped and you feel like a failure.

You feel like you wasted time, and you feel like you let yourself and others down.

And so that feeling just kind of crushes you.

And that means that when you come back to it, when you log back into Taking Action Online, or you log back into whatever service you’re using, and you sit there, and you go,

“Ugh, what do I do now? I’ve got no traffic. Nothing’s ranked. What do I do?”

Well, here’s what you do. You shut up and get back to work.

That simple, okay?


Because that’s business. Okay?

Your blog doesn’t care about your feelings.

Your YouTube channel doesn’t care about your feelings.

Google doesn’t care about your feelings.

So you have to simply suck it up, brush off the chip on your shoulder and move on and get back on the horse, get back on the saddle, get back in the wagon, get back on your blog, get back on your channel.

There is no other way.

You obviously want to do it in a practical way where you are ready, and you can come back and do it.

But obviously, there’s always going to be another excuse why you can’t.

Always, every single day. I’ve got at least six reasons today why I shouldn’t do this podcast or this blog post.

I can literally list it now:

“I’m cold, my fingers are cold, I’m hungry. I haven’t had a shower yet. I’ve got chores to do. I’ve got to meet my girlfriend later today; I’m supposed to take her out for a meal. It’s snowing outside. I want to go for a walk. I haven’t exercised in about two weeks now. I need to go and exercise.”

I’ve got every reason under the sun not to do this…

…but I wrote on my list. So I’m doing it because that’s business.

You have to suck it up and get back to work.

Now, in the beginning, it’s particularly tough, because in the beginning when you’re not seeing results, that’s the main thing.

You’re not seeing results. So that makes it hard.

It’s easy for me to sit here and just preach my morals to you and say, “Oh, get back on the horse. Keep going. Come on, hurry up, shut up, get back to work.”

It’s easy for me because I’m making money.

I’ve got a business. This is what I do.

I do this full time, so it’s easy for me, or easier.

But in the beginning, it’s tough because when you’re writing blog posts and nothing happens, it’s hard.

When you’re making videos, and you get no views, it’s hard because it’s impossible for you to separate your emotions from the possible results.

And for me personally, I tell all my students I really wish that YouTube would turn off the view count.

And I wish Google would just rank you a little faster just to give you a bit of hope.

Because thing is, guys, if you keep going, you will rank, and you will get traffic.

Because don’t forget that YouTube and Google, they do have anti-spamming regulations.

They do have ways of suppressing you for a while because they want to see that you are good.

Also, don’t forget, in the beginning, there’s a very good chance that your content just isn’t good enough because you’re brand new.


So your first few blog posts, the first five or 10 are unlikely to rank because you are learning; you’re making mistakes.

If you go inside TAO community and look through the newsfeed, you’ll see people posting in there, their blog posts and I’ll give feedback.

And some of them are good, some of them not so good because it’s their first try.

If they’re not so good, it’s totally fine because you’re supposed to learn.

But at the same time, appreciate that those posts you’re creating or the videos you’re creating in the beginning, they’re supposed to be bad because you’re learning.

You have to earn the right to succeed.

You have to earn the right and the respect from Google to be ranked in the first place.

So those first, sort of 5, 10, 15 blog posts, or those first 5, 10, 15 videos, you are earning your right to rank, okay?

Those videos are not about your feelings.

They’re not about your ego. They’re not about your self worth. It’s about your earning the right to do that.

And so that’s why it’s so important that when you fall off the wagon, and you will fall off the wagon, I can guarantee it, you will stop.

You will give up.

At some point you’re going to sit on your computer, look at your blog and go, “Ugh, what’s the point in this?”

That is when you need to give yourself a really good slap and get back on the horse.

Why? Because it doesn’t matter. It’s the same process for everybody.

Anyone who starts a new blog sits there after five blog posts and thinks, “It’s not ranking. No one loves me, no one cares.”

And so on. It’s just your ego talking to you. It’s your negative voices.

Why on God’s earth should you get a parade just because you wrote five blog posts, right?

Nobody gives a shit.

Certainly not Google. And so you need to brush that off and realize it’s business, okay?

You’re building a business, and you have to suck it up and get on with it.

Otherwise, you will simply fall by the wayside. And guess what?

A week from today, you are going to go back to certain marketplaces and buy another shiny object and repeat the same process again and again and again.

Because you’re emotionally driven in business and being emotionally driven is toxic, it’s horrible, it’s an attitude disease.

It’s a terrible, terrible thing. You have to work on yourself, become better at doing business.

Any business person out there tells you that the first year or two of business, a year or two is nothing.

So if you have the mindset of you’re expecting a huge amount of income in the next six months, you already have a losing mindset.

You’re proving to yourself that you’re not an entrepreneur, which means that you need to either consider quitting altogether or suck it up and get back to work because that is what it takes, end of discussion.

That’s it.

So I sympathize.

In the beginning, when you do fall off the wagon and you sit there and you think, “Ugh, did I choose the right niche? Am I doing it right? My blog post isn’t ranking, I’m not good enough.”

I sympathize, because it’s tough. Emotions are hard because we all deal with them differently.

But understand that it’s the same for everybody.

Everyone looks at their blog post and thinks, “Ugh, that sucks.” I’m going to listen back to this podcast and go, ‘Ugh, I hate my voice.”

I can’t help it because that’s how I am. And that’s how you are.

But you have to just get on with it, okay?

Otherwise, nothing is going to happen for you.

Thanks for listening, and yeah, please do know, if you are struggling or if you have struggled in the past, please comment in the community, let me know.

Send me an email. I’m happy to give you some more perspective.

And if you need any guidance, let me know. Cheers.

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  1. Great audio Philip! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Unlike most of the group here, I am focused on writing (mainly niche sites) and selling some of my over 200 domains I bought 15 years ago for retirement (I got here quicker than I thought).
    My health is my main “excuse.” I come to you and the team here – also Adam Payne(plr master) – JayKay and others for my motivation to get kick-started back to work!